1. Go(o)d
    Hanrath, Porcelluzzi, Dierick

  2. Skylark

  3. February Joys

  4. Second Life
    Language Of The Moon

  5. Dreaming

  6. Spielerey im Mei
    Wilfried Hanrath & Friends


  8. Language Of The Moon
    Language Of The Moon

  9. Once Upon A Time - Re-Imagining The Music Of Marco Lucchi

  10. On Air On Lumbung Radio

  11. Wolke Sieben


  13. A Quiet Place, Vol. I
    NLC meet Wilfried Hanrath

  14. A Quiet Place, Vol. II
    NLC meet Wilfried Hanrath

  15. Izano Onu

  16. Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath
    Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath

  17. Sueños, Vol. I

  18. Sueños, Vol. II

  19. Sueños, Vol. III

  20. The Wilfried Hanrath Camembert Électrique Radio Show dans Zaï Zaï Radio

  21. Summer

  22. I could sleep for 1,000 years, in four movements

  23. Re-Imagining the Music of Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi, Vol. I

  24. Re-Imagining the Music of Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi, Vol. II

  25. Daffodils & Time To Freak Out

  26. The Man who smiled and waved Good-bye

  27. Will you still love me when I am 64

  28. Sic! Duos for bass and trumpet/electric guitar
    Wilfried Hanrath & Udo Zoels

  29. Psychedelic Remixes

  30. I see I saw

  31. In the Land behind your Eyelids

  32. AIR, Reimagining Air by Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi & Gordon Way

  33. Portland, the Takes, Vol. II

  34. Portland, the Takes, Vol.I

  35. Longings
    Wilfried Hanrath & friends

  36. Pictures At An Exhibition
    Wilfried Hanrath Trio

  37. What The Heart Desires

  38. Ars Sonor, a Tribute

  39. On Air @ Clyde Built Radio

  40. Light The Future

  41. Various artists: 5-Way - Split
    Various Artists

  42. NOW/WON

  43. Hauchzart Momentum Vol. I
    The Hauchzart Ensemble

  44. Hauchzart Momentum Vol. II
    The Hauchzart Ensemble

  45. Hauchzart Momentum Vol. III
    The Hauchzart Ensemble

  46. Umbra Nova

  47. WELTENLÄRM - Weltenlärm

  48. Blast from the Past - Transitions

  49. Colours Fly And...

  50. The Mysterious Stranger

  51. The Sweet Scent of Dreams

  52. my february in lockdown

  53. The K - Stories EP

  54. FutureLight - The Panic of Wandering And Other Short Stories

  55. Bright Sides

  56. Head up in the Skies

  57. Spurensuche

  58. New Silver Linings

  59. OFN - The Tributes

  60. OFN - Volume I

  61. OFN - Volume II

  62. OFN - Volume III

  63. Yin, Yang & Me

  64. The Atlas Dialogue with V

  65. Arguile
    The Hauchzart Ensemble

  66. In through the outdoor

  67. The Italian Connection - Through the Looking Glass

  68. hands on: V

  69. Rock`n`Roll

  70. A Flying Sheet for JM Basquiat

  71. A DUB Interpretation

  72. A Rustic Dreams Interpretation

  73. Jared C. Balogh - a tribute

  74. Winds Rise

  75. Biosfear, hands on Biosphere by EISENLAGER

  76. Longings

  77. Come Today - Come Tu Dei
    Wilfried Hanrath & Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi with The Anonymous Masses

  78. Bauble

  79. Lost & Found Vol. II, Heres, Theres & Everywheres

  80. Reaching out for ... INRGD

  81. Spotlight

  82. Lost and Found, Vol. I - AnyDayNow

  83. Eisenlager - hands on Jewels from the Deep by Wilfried Hanrath & Pendro

  84. Heaven can wait - a friendsworthy album, Vol. I

  85. Yesterday´s Tomorrow is Tomorrow´s Yesterday

  86. Wilfried Hanrath & Pendro Jewels from the Deep

  87. Different Shapes Different Colours

  88. Something in the air and in-between, Vol. 3
    Wilfried Hanrath & Friends

  89. Something in the air and in-between, Vol. 2
    Wilfried Hanrath & Friends

  90. Something in the air and in-between, Vol. 1
    Wilfried Hanrath & Friends


Wilfried Hanrath Wuppertal, Germany

I grew up with classical music, Krautrock, Fusion, the beginnings of German electronic music and they all have deep inpact on me and sure are influences. Main instrument is bass, but I also play guitar, drums and synthesizer; I play just what my soul sings, ranging from Jazz to pop to ambient to rock ... more

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